“Everyday is a Lifetime” – Dean Blunt

The Enigma, Dean Blunt

     Dean Blunt is a musician, a filmmaker, an artist, an innovator, and a visionary. More than that, he is a Nigerian, British born man, but he is also nothing. He lives his life no different from you and I, but continuously applies layers upon who he is, curating more personal aliases and mystery as time goes on. Dean Blunt is an entity that is trying to escape the spotlight that the world is continuously making him stay in. He does different forms of art and activities because they call out to him, and the observers, supporters, and fans are all just along for the ride. This mysterious persona, along with his prolific one-of-a-kind sound is what often brings people clinging on to him and his art.

     Dean Blunt’s music enables the listener to feel more. He does this by gently alluring the listener with his soft and melancholic movement and tempo, which is often paired with deep direct vocals. His music grants the ability for the listener to detach the song from being about Dean Blunt, and instead, apply it to themselves and their situation. For example, the song “The Pedigree” which vocally conveys how one’s partner and what they are providing is no different from the mass, so to reach a verdict on how to go about with their relationship, this information must be brought about. However, they still want this person involved in their life, but needs them to know how they truly feel as well. Listening to the song doesn’t only allow you to gather all of the raw and genuine emotion Dean Blunt is emitting but allows you to think about your life and when you faced a situation similar as well.

     Some people owe everything to Dean Blunt. He has provided the means for people to feel something they never have before, see things in a more profound way, find more musical outlets to enjoy, and be a part of a community. His music is versatile in the sense that it can motivate you as well as give you a metaphysical shoulder to cry on. Listeners often refer to his music as sad music which makes you susceptible to emotional vulnerability. This vulnerability is the first step at making you feel more, with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart, you’ll be able to understand. However, the sadness people would use to categorize his music isn’t one that makes you teary-eyed constantly, but one you can confine comfort within.

     Dean Blunt doesn’t want to be a part of any umbrella terms or labels, and rather just solely be Dean Blunt. His music is in a genre class of its own, he doesn’t claim to be the conceptual artist people make him out to be, and he isn’t an activist even though he treads around conversations about the connection of music genres and race, as well as black inner-city folk being one of his motives for producing music and art. He gives just enough insight of his mind that doesn’t allow you to place him on a side, so as a result he stays in the middle within his music, art, ideas, and life. 

     It is unfortunate people can’t feel what one another feels when listening or encountering music and different forms of art. Therefore, you might not be able to feel what other avid listeners of Dean Blunt feel when listening to his music. However, it’s still important to approach all facets of life with an open approach to just not understand something yourself but understand why other people resonate with it as well because without others, the you right now would cease to exist.

Dean Blunt Playlist: Here

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